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Monday, August 01, 2005

Catching Up

Now that the new camera has been somewhat sussed, I can post some photos of the things I've been knitting, etc. I like to have about six or seven WIPs on the go at any one time. This way I can chop and change a bit and don't get bored. First off, is Toledo from Rowan 37.

And here's a close up view showing the Linen Print threaded through the eyelets.

This is Marshmallow from June Knitting magazine slightly modified because I didn't like the neckline when I'd finished knitting it. The neckline seemed really big and baggy and, when I looked at Marshmallow worn by the model in Knitting magazine, I think there may have actually been a problem with the neckline in that one too because, in one of the pictures, I swear it looks as if its been pinned to make it look better. Anyway, I thought rather than show everyone what I have in the way of bazooms every time I bent over when wearing it, I would frog the neckline and change it to more of a crew neck with baby cables and a picot edge. I still hate it, regardless, and will never wear it.

Next, a baby blanket.

I've been making these for the Preemie Unit. They are just the right size for the little cots (24 inches by 24 inches). I avoid making teeny tiny jackets, hats, bootees, etc, for the premature babies simply because I loathe the amount of sewing involved in ratio to the amount of knitting with such miniscule things. However, that is all due to change and why? Because (fanfare of trumpets in the background), I have, at last, discovered Elizabeth Zimmerman's Baby Surprise jacket (thanks to Jan)! Knitted all in one piece, it looks somewhat like an octopus until put together in a more recognisable shape - but, hey, hardly any sewing and it looks so cute!! The small bears pictured here also leave Hawkley Lodge to go to the Preemie Unit (one bear with each blanket).

And here we have two scarves - one from the last issue of Vogue Knitting (Lacy Leaf Scarf) and the other a free pattern for an arches and columns lace scarf that I found online. I made the arches and columns scarf with Jaeger Matchmaker 4 ply Merino and Kid Silk Haze knitted together. It's lovely and soft. The bag is knitted in Funky Fur Magic.

The Lacy Leaf scarf is a present for Angela as she was so very, very kind to me a while ago. Below is the kitsch bag that the scarf will be presented in and also the accompanying card. No doubt, it will be noticed that the colour of the bag clashes terribly with that of the scarf.

Another baby blankie on the needles!

The piece de resistance! Colinette Giotto in Earth along with a couple more of the goodies I've acquired recently. I don't know what I'm going to make with the Giotto yet but, at the mo, I'm enjoying just admiring the colours from time to time. The Giotto I bought on my recent trip to Loop. The small rolls in the photo are very fine thread with beads on which can be knitted in with other yarns. There are three with white thread and one with black. Obviously, the white is to be knitted with lighter coloured yarns and the black with darker ones. Both are strung with white beads. I got these from the sale at Designs along with the teddy bear buttons (40 percent off everything). A real bargain I'd say.

Now it's time to hang my head in shame and look suitably mollified 'cos the sleeve below has been at the same stage of completion (or lack of) since April.

This is part of a jumper for Bob and the pattern's Jagger (intarsia argyle style sweater from Jaeger Handknits book). It's in Jaeger Matchmaker merino 4 ply and was Bob's choice. Why did he have to pick this one out of all the b----dy patterns in the shop! Here is what it looks like from the back.

I'm dreading having to sew all of those ends in when it finally does get finished! I've explained to Bob that this sort of knitting is "winter knitting" and I need the time at the moment to make lots of summer things.

Below is a baby shawl, again, for Preemie Unit. Okay, it's a bit more than 24 inches by 24 inches but I bet it won't go to waste. The edging which, when I was knitting it, seemed to go on for an eternity, now just needs sewing on and gathering at the corners and a ribbon bow added to each corner.

And, also on the needles, is the almost complete front of Ginger from Rowan's Summer Tweed Collection.

Not strictly to do with knitting but nice eye candy and the incense sticks in the pretty organza bags are supposed to be great moth repellants so will help to protect my worryingly organic (as in growing!!) yarn stash.

The bag (which I think is very hippy chic) was reduced to £10 in the Wallis sale and the incense sticks were only £1 a bag or refill when our local Army & Navy had their closing down sale before re-opening in a brand new building as the big new posh House of Fraser.

Believe it or not, the image in the photo on the right is actually of the back and the right front of Simply Knitting's Foxy Gilet. Hopefully, when the left front is finished (it's now on the needles) and the collar's added and the whole thing is sewn up, it will become recognisable as such and Angela's daughter, Jeanette, who is to be the proud owner of said gilet will, in her abundant appreciation, forever laud me as the Goddess of Knitting.

Finally, here is Fondant from June Knitting magazine. My first effort at knitting in the round and an opportunity to try out the Denise needles I had just acquired. Also, in the photo, is the crocheted evening bag, Ultra Violet, from July's Knitting magazine. Both were done in Sirdar Breeze in Wisteria. I have not yet been able to find a toggle to match the colour of the evening bag which explains why it doesn't have one! And that, maties, is me for the day and I must now get back to my work "proper".


  • At 8:52 pm, Blogger rachel said…

    So glad to see someone who has as many WIP's as me!! I do like the lacy scarf patterns - the one I'm currently doing is very dull but I'm new to 'holey' knitting so I started with something easy!

  • At 10:02 am, Blogger Daisy said…

    Wow - that all looks so impressive. I made Fondant too, but had trouble getting it to fit. I love the variety of things you've knitted and it's great to see things like Toledo - which I was thinking of making. Have put a link to your blog on my blog - hope that's OK!


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