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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Knitting, Book Binge and Cupcakes!

Quite a long absence again but I'm back! MIL had to be readmitted to hospital and we looked after FIL again for a while. However, in the end, we had to concede, sadly, that he needed to be in a care home. Then MIL was discharged from hospital but was unable to return home which meant we had to find a nursing home for her. After many viewings (we must have covered every suitable care home and nursing home in the area), we hit lucky and found the perfect care home for FIL which is providing him with much needed stimulation and a nursing home for MIL of which she approves and which is only 0.8 miles from FIL's care home. Lots of time is taken up with visiting and looking after their affairs generally but I've still managed to fit in some knitting!

MIL fell in love with this vintage capelet.

It's knitted in one wide piece (448 sts!) and then the yoke is worked in five separate pieces. I'm working on the third piece (back yoke) at the moment so almost there!

The Patagonian Night Sky Scarf is also nearly finished. Just ten more rows to go plus the beaded cast off!

I had a birthday cheque that I hadn't done anything with so decided to have a book binge!

As I've got a thing for lace at the moment, I decided on Victorian Lace Today (some beautiful designs in here!), Lace Style, and A Gathering of Lace. I also bought Fitted Knits and Knitting Over the Edge as I just love libraries of different stitches and edgings and can never have enough of them!

As well as these, I bought two Japanese Knitting books.

I find a lot of the Japanese patterns to be really beautiful so I decided to have a go at deciphering some of my favourites when I get time. I bought 250 Knitting Patterns which is a collection of swatches of the most gorgeous stitch patterns and Elegance Knits #11.

I seem to be into cupcakes at the moment. I think the thing I like most about them is just how creative you can be. There are no limitations to variations on the theme with these and some people have even created blogs dedicated just to cupcakes. Type 'cupcakes blog' into Google and you'll see what I mean! So I bought a couple of books on cupcakes in the hope that I'll find time soon to experiment.

Cupcakes have also found their way onto the shelves of my Knitz & Glitz shop in the form of cupcakes stitchmarkers.

There are matching cupcakes topped knitting needles, too!

Talking of knitting needles, Sue kindly did some Knitpicks shopping for a few of us on her recent travels so I'm now the proud owner of a set of Knitpicks Options which I've been coveting for some time! Thanks, Sue!

Lastly, I'd like to introduce you to Jack, the black alpaca bear by Steiff.

He's a late birthday pressie from DH. I've been collecting bears for quite a while but this is my first Steiff!


  • At 4:48 pm, Blogger nanatoo said…

    The capelet's coming along well and Patagonian Night Sky is just beautiful. Love the books, just got Victorian Lace Today myself (at last!) and isn't it great? Your cupcakes are great and Jack the Bear is a beauty!
    I'm glad MIL and FIL are settled and you have had a little more time to yourself at last.

  • At 6:30 pm, Blogger Seahorse said…

    The capelet is very beautiful and delicate. The beaded shawl is amazing!

    Cupcakes are great aren't they - I love that combination of frivolity and practicality.

  • At 10:39 pm, Blogger KnitNana said…

    OH MY! You had a haul...Great selections on the books (I can see two or three there that I'm coveting!)
    And the Steiff bear? I also collect bears, and I have one, but not an alpaca bear! How cool!
    That bedjacket is to die for! I love it...
    And now you've done it. Cupcakes. Hmm....
    Do you think if they hang from my needles I won't stop at the store to buy some???

  • At 11:06 pm, Blogger Piglottie said…

    Love the capelet, and great book choice. I just got VLT and love it, such a beautiful book. And I'm another cupcake addict - everyone gets them for birthdays instead of big cakes!

  • At 11:58 pm, Blogger dreamcatcher said…

    The capelet is so pretty :-) I have to admit I have all the books in the first picture! Great choices, and the Japanese books look really interesting too.

  • At 6:26 am, Anonymous Robin said…

    You HAVE just got to check these out!!

  • At 12:02 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Jack is magnificent - as are you in your In-Law ramifications. I do hope you feel at ease with your decisions - so many people beat themselves up about care for the elderly (I am aware that we will all join that band) without including themselves in the equation.
    Keep making Cupcakes - it makes the world sweeter!

  • At 7:42 am, Blogger Jenn said…

    that bear is beautiful!!and YUMMIE cupcakes.. when you make some send them my way. hehehe... I LOVE things like that! :) And all your books look great and loads of projects/inspriation coming up for you I am sure.... Take care! (and thank you for being so kind about my sewing)

  • At 12:46 pm, Blogger Knitman said…

    Like the blue lace and I must look into getting some Japanese knitting books.

  • At 2:35 pm, Blogger acrylik said…

    Your capelet is coming along beautifully, your MIL will love it, I'm sure. I love the Patagonian Night Sky, gorgeous!
    Such lovely books you have bought there, I have several of them on my wish list :)
    I just love the new cupcake stitch markers - very cute :)

  • At 9:26 am, Blogger Kath said…

    Good to see you back! Sorry to hear the news re FIL and MIL - never an easy thing to go through. But what a great haul of books you have! Those Japananese books look great! And as for all those shawls and capelets - really lovely and worth all the effort!

  • At 10:09 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Welcome back! I think I speak for everyone reading your blog, we have all missed you and your fantastic posts.

    I'm glad both your MIL and FIL are settled, it does take it out on you all the worries but at least now they are both looked after by professional people.

    I love the capelet, very nice, it does look complicated though (for my knitting skills anyway!). The books look very good too, I have just bought the Fitted Knits after having it on my wish list for ages and I love it, maybe one day I will have the time to knit something out of it too!

    And one last thing: the Steiff bear it's gourgeous! I love bears too!

  • At 7:07 pm, Blogger Rain said…

    The beaded shawl is stunning. I'm always awed by your patience when it comes to beading. The capelet is going to be lovely when it's done.

    Ooh for new toys! The options set looks amazing and those books should keep you busy for a while.

  • At 5:50 pm, Blogger Mandella said…

    I really feel for you over the in-laws situation

    Lovely bear, and nice book haul.

  • At 11:59 pm, Blogger gilraen said…

    I love the new books, especially Fitted Knits. :)

    Lovely cupcakes :D

    The capelet will be just the ticket when you are done. The lace stitches are lovely :)

  • At 7:50 am, Blogger artyfartykat said…

    Some fab WIP's! The capelet looks so delicate and the beaded shawl is beautiful, must have taken ages!
    Some lovely books. I love VLT, it has some lovely patterns.
    Cupcakes are taking over the world! I think the stitchmarkers look fab.

  • At 8:41 am, Blogger Cinderella said…

    The beaded shawl is gorgeous! Can you tell me where I can get the bed jacket pattern and the Japanese books you purchased? Does any one in the Japanese yahoo group speak English? How hard is it to decipher the comments and patterns? Your Steiff bear is adorable. I design and make collectible teddy bears, mostly miniature ones. Thanks!!

  • At 6:19 pm, Anonymous Craig Novak said…

    Hi, love the blog! Congratulations on your first Steiff bear!!! I'm a fan of bear collecting, namely Steiff and R.John Wright. I've had a love for collecting these amazing bears for many years. I've even been buying and selling them for years, it's one of my passions. Check out my Steiff Bears here if you like.
    Craig Novak


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