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Monday, April 14, 2008

I Won!!! I Won!!!

Forgive my manic excitement but I can't help it as I actually won a blog competition which is such a rare event in that it's never happened before though not for lack of trying! Modelwidow had a blogiversary competition in which she had a photo of the pieces of her Babette blanket and we had to guess which square her daughter had crocheted. Well, apparently, I guessed right and won the fabulous prize pictured below!

Well, to be truthful, this is not all that was contained in the parcel. There were actually two bars of chocolate when I first opened it but one mysteriously disappeared! I love the cheery red gingham bag and little pouch containing a sewing needle, two pretty little stitchmarkers and even some folding scissors!

How neat are they! Everything is so well made and I'm absolutely delighted with my prize! Thank you, Modelwidow! I don't really do socks but I do intend to make some of the Latvian and Selbu mittens so the bag will be just the right size for carrying around my mitten projects.

The Estonian Lace Christening Swatch Shawl has been blocked and I think I can safely say that it no longer resembles a dishrag. I'll try to take some pics tomorrow!


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