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Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Apparently, I am a stylish blogger! Well, at least, according to Agi!

The rules of the award are:

a) Thank the person that awarded you:

Thank you, Agi! xx

(b) List 7 things about myself:

1. I'm addicted to learning. I suppose you could say I'm a perpetual student. In the last few years I've been addicted to learning arts and crafts and my ambition is to try as many as I can during my lifetime.

2. I'm a bit like a butterfly. I flit from one thing to another.

3. I love vintage, grunged up, shabby chic, steampunk.

4. I try to look for the exceptional in the ordinary.

5. One of my favourite things is a walk in the countryside (autumn is the best time for me) followed by a cream tea in an olde worlde tea shop.

6. I left home aged 16 so I grew up quickly.

7. Earl grey is the only tea I will drink.

(c) Pass the award to 15 other stylish bloggers:

In no particular order, my choices are:

1. Anni's Art
2. Daisychains
3. Ink Spiller's Attic
4. KnitNana
5. Shirley's Twisted Threads
6. Kerri's Crafts
7. Singtatter's Corner
8. Thoughts from an Eclectic Goth Mind
9. Crazy by Design
10. Older Rose
11. Say it with Roses
12. Stitch4Stitch Textiles
13. Wilma Goes Crazy
14.Nicki Lee's Raviolee Dreams
15. Rose Coloured World


  • At 8:50 pm, Blogger KnitNana said…

    Oh my goodness! Why thank you ever so much, Hazel! I agree and think you are very much a Stylish Blog, and I love everything you show us - you're just so very talented!!

  • At 9:09 pm, Blogger shirley said…

    Wow, thank you so much Hazel, this is a real honour. I love reading your blog and seeing all the interesting things you make.

  • At 9:38 pm, Anonymous shirley said…

    Just read through all the things you have been doing, and you certainly have been busy. Your new machine will keep you occupied too learning all the new ways to use it.

    Love your altered boxes.

  • At 9:50 pm, Blogger Daisy said…

    Eeek, I've got some catching up to do! Can't believe I'm on the list.


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