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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Playing with Silk Tweed Kasuri

I couldn't keep my hands off the silk tweed kasuri from Habu Textiles for long.

This open lacy pattern knitted on large diameter needles creates an interesting effect for a scarf, I think. I used the lace cast on which I've read, although loopy, has a softer effect which is more appropriate when knitting lace. I find it a bit too loopy though. Any suggestions on suitable cast-on methods from other lace knitters?

And a bit later on, it's grown some more.

I love the colours which have something about them that reminds me of stained glass windows. I think the yarn is hand dyed with natural dyes. The card from Habu states that most yarns are naturally dyed with substances such as indigo, logwood, cochineal and madder root.

Here's an "I can see right up your nostrils" type close-up!



  • At 8:03 pm, Blogger Daisy said…

    Wow, those colours are GORGEOUS! :-)

  • At 9:02 pm, Blogger Mary-Lou said…

    Love the colours! - looks wonderful. Haven't forgotten I promised you a website for Mid Kent Knit & Natter so just need to get this week out of the way, and I can give it some proper thought - just to say if you or the others have any ideas for things/links/ whatever that you want on it, perhaps you could all think about it and let me know. Thought the best plan would be to start out quite simple, and probably only need about 3-4 pages to begin with, eg a Home page, a notices page, and favourite links page ...

    Have a good meeting tomorrow anyway

  • At 12:08 pm, Anonymous Jess said…



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