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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Project Spectrum Amulet Bag Draw

Yesterday, we had a great afternoon at the Sweeps Festival in Rochester which I'll post about later but, for the time being, the photo below (taken of a sign in the King's Head in Rochester High Street) should give you some idea.

When we got back, I finished the Project Spectrum amulet bag for the draw. It's knitted in Rowan 4 ply cotton in Tutti Fruiti with a cord (in the shade, Diana) of Rowan Handknit Cotton and embellished with Earth Faire's metallic rain beads.

I put all the names into a drawstring bag and invited DH to draw the winner.

And the winner is . . . . . (drumroll) . . . . . dreamcatcher! Please email me with your address, Louise, and I'll put it in the post to you along with a little something extra.


  • At 10:59 am, Blogger Minnieknits said…

    Have been out of circulation for a while and am just catching up !
    Pleased that you've expanded on my suggestion and done your thing with it and I loved your last post re:colour - you always throw in something every now and then which gets me thinkingas well as enjoying your knitting and yarn purchases!

  • At 2:29 pm, Blogger nanatoo said…

    Yay! Congrats dreamcatcher! :D

  • At 4:04 pm, Blogger Rain said…

    Are you telling us you were out behaving like a drunken strumpet in public? Shocking behaviour if you were! Can't wait to hear more....

    Yay Dreamcatcher!

  • At 7:16 pm, Blogger Mandella said…

    Gosh, you've been a busy blogger. Lucky Dreamcatcher!

  • At 7:29 pm, Blogger acrylik said…

    Lovely amulet bag, I really like the addition of the beads.

    Congrats to Dreamcatcher!

  • At 11:53 pm, Blogger dreamcatcher said…

    Oh my goodness, thank you! What a lovely surprise :-) Will email you right away!

  • At 12:58 pm, Anonymous jess said…

    love the quote!


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