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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Playing with Tomato Puree Tubes

Sorry about the long absence again. I have loads to show but I will have to do it bit by bit. It all seems a bit overwhelming and onerous to update a blog when you are so behind but I am going to bite the bullet and start with my most recent endeavours. A couple of weeks ago, I bought a book by Ann Parr called "The Art of Stitching on Metal". I have been dipping it into it now and again but haven't had time to give it a proper read. However, one thing that caught my eye was a brief mention that the metal that tomato puree tubes are made of can be used to stitch into, emboss, etc. So, that night, we had spaghetti bolognese and I used up the half a tube that I had left in the fridge, cut it open, washed it and ended up with a nice rectangle of copper coloured metal on one side and tomato puree advertising on the other. The first thing I did was to emboss it and colour it to make an autumn themed embellishment.

Then I die cut some flower and leaf shapes from the tomato puree tube metal, coloured them, layered them up and glued them to a bangle from a lot of bangles that I had bought at a charity shop for peanuts. Total cost was probably about 15p.

I love recycling/repurposing so I had real fun with this and can see lots more possibilities.


  • At 10:41 am, Blogger Cherie said…

    I am the proud owner of the gorgeous bangle or one very similar. It is utterly stunning


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