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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Rose, Chocolate and Vanilla

Well, here I am in the world of blogging and where and how to start?! Why KnitYoga? Because I couldn't think of anything more original for my knitting blog and also because knitting is being touted as the modern form of yoga which I happen to agree with. It's surprising how all those little niggling anxieties suddenly disappear from consciousness when you start the old knit, purl and occasional dropping of stitches.

This is a photo of Rose, Chocolate and Vanilla.

Chocolate (obviously the one in the middle) is the latest addition to the bear family at Hawkley Lodge following a visit to C&H Fabrics yesterday. This is always a fatal place to have a mooch as not only do they have a nice selection of yarns but they also have some really cute bears.

Rose and Vanilla joined the family about two weeks ago and then I realised yesterday that I had overlooked Chocolate! So Chocolate came home with us and is now happily ensconced between Rose and Vanilla. When I get used to blogging, etc, all of the bears at Hawkley Lodge will be introduced in the Bears' Gallery. Rose, Chocolate and Vanilla are scented Russ bears and they smell of course of rose, chocolate and vanilla respectively. Don't they smell gorgeous?!!! Well of course this isn't smellorama - but I promise you, they DO! So much so, that every time I get a whiff of Chocolate, I get instant chocolate cravings and have to remind myself that he is made of fabric and stuffing and that, in any case, it is very bad manners to attempt to eat one's house guests!