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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Getting Organised!


Well, I haven't blogged for a while but that's because I've been busy. I have managed to do some knitting though. It’s all bunched up on circular needles at the moment so it’s difficult to appreciate how it will look when finished and blocked but this is the swatch shawl or prototype of the Estonian Lace Christening shawl I’m in process of designing using traditional Estonian lace stitches.

The centre is worked in a stitch pattern containing lots of nupps. . .

. . . and is surrounded by an inner and outer border. I’ve yet to decide on the edging but I’ll be making a PDF pattern available in both written and charted forms for this shawl when it's finished in the near future (she says optimistically).

I also crocheted another wire choker for a friend who liked the first one I made. I glued Swarovski crystals in the medallion of this one.

I got a bee in my bonnet about getting organised. Believe me, this was a necessity. A clear out was definitely needed at Chez KnitYoga's! I couldn't believe the amount of stuff that we'd hoarded over the years and the loft and the garage produced an old Hewlett Packard computer and an Apple-Mac computer and printer that I used to use for my homoeopathic software package amongst other things. As I've also just got myself a brand new 'puter, there's another one spare which, thankfully, is needed by a friend's daughter. There were tons of board games a lot of which went to either Freecycle members or charity shops and quite a few which I still can't bear to part with like my vintage Pacman for one! Then there was china and glasses and kitchenware as well as a camping stove and tent and much more. It feels good to have got rid of all those things that we no longer use but which others can put to use and nothing has been dumped which makes me feel even better about it!

Then I got around to thinking about my button and crafts stash which was all over the place, hence not only making the place look messy but causing difficulty in locating any particular thing when needed. So, I found this tallboy in IKEA which exactly matches the chest of drawers and bedside cabinet in our spare room which doubles as a craft room. DH located some fabulous felt trays which fit into the drawers really snugly (also at IKEA) and these have been filled with buttons and polymer clay embellishments, etc. My buttons have now been organised by colour and material as far as possible. The following photos are a taster and if you want to see more, click here. Also, if you click on each photo, you'll be able to enlarge them and really see the detail of the buttons.

Now, to visit some blogs and see what people have been up to! ;-)