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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Stress Survival Kit

It's been very busy and stressful lately which is why I've been AWOL but thanks for all your comments on my last post. Thanks also to the lurkers who took the opportunity to say 'hello'! It was great to 'meet' you all!

The internet is a wonderful medium in which to meet like-minded people and, in the last few weeks, my internet friends have been fantastic and very supportive.

Knitz & Glitz is actually my escape at the moment. There's nothing more enjoyable to me nowadays than spending an evening with beads, baubles and charms scattered all over the dining room table trying different combinations and losing myself in the colours and textures. So relaxing! So much I have planned and yet never enough time!

When I was in my late teens/early twenties, older people told me to slow down, that I didn't need to do everything yesterday and that I had loads of time ahead. Now, in my fifties, I find myself with so many plans which I want to put into effect all at once, just as I did then, but the difference is that, now, I have so many more commitments and I really AM running out of time!!

Since starting up K&G, the post is much more exciting and interesting looking packages arrive with astonishing regularity; so much so that I'm now on first name terms with our postman and we have little chats on the doorstep almost every day. Yesterday, I received a package though that I wasn't expecting and this was what was inside.

It's a stress survival kit composed of:

1 bottle of Baileys
1 Wicked White Chocolate Drink
1 Calming teabag
1 Box of Chocolates
1 Exfoliating Body Puff
1 Scented Candle
1 Bath Fizzer
1 bottle Rose & Geranium Bath Foam
1 bottle Handcream

All in a lovely zipped bag complete with mirror and accompanied by a really cute kitty card! It came from one of my very special internet friends, Rain, with strict instructions to shut everything out for at least half an hour and take the time to pamper and indulge myself a little. I was so touched by this especially as Rain is having a bit of a hard time herself at the moment. Thanks again, Rain, you made my day!

Today in the post, came more new samples of Carrie Anne's excellent blockprinted knitting cards . . .

. . . and some of her handcarved ball of yarn and knitting needles rubber stamps

. . . both of which will be for sale on Knitz & Glitz soon. In the weeks to come there will be quite a few exciting new lines added but you'll have to wait and see what as I'm not saying yet.

No knitting to show, I'm afraid, as I've got myself into a mindset that, until I can find the time to finish a pattern I'm writing, I can't start any new knitting without feeling guilty! Stupid, I know but there you are!

Well, I'm off now to make my calming cup of tea and do some more office work and tonight I have nothing more planned than to get into a rose scented candlelit bath with a box of chocs and a glass of Baileys on the side. ;-)