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Monday, December 22, 2008

Frost Flowers - Longer Version

Thanks to all for the comments on the Frost Flowers Froufrou design. As promised, here are a couple of pics of the longer length version. This time it's knitted in Fiddlesticks Zephyr laceweight so it doesn't have the halo.

Personally, I prefer the standard length/fuzzy mohair mix yarn version but each to their own.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Frost Flowers Froufrou

Another new design! I've found that I'm just as bad with startitis in my designing as I was before when I was knitting other people's designs. This means that I have lots of projects that are at the ideas stage, plus those I've swatched for, plus those in progress, etc, etc. My mind gets so busy with ideas that sometimes I can't wait to finish one before I get the urge to start another! I expect this is par for the course, though. Anyway, here's one that I have finished!

It's a bit of frippery which I've chosen to call a froufrou that you can drape around your shoulders to keep the chill off without completely enveloping and hiding what you have on underneath. Great to complement that little black dress and, perhaps, also for wedding wear. It fastens at the neck with two lightweight clear plastic snap fasteners as I've found in the past it can be a bit annoying having to concentrate on stopping a shawl or wrap around your shoulders from slipping off.

Here's a back view.

And a view of the whole thing laid flat.

As usual, the pattern which is in PDF format is available from Ravelry and Etsy.

The froufrou pictured above has been knitted in Kidsilk Night on 4mm and 4.5mm needles but works equally well in Kidsilk Haze or Kidsilk Spray or, indeed, any 2ply laceweight that can achieve gauge such as Fiddlesticks Zephyr laceweight. There are instructions for two lengths - standard length (13.5" from point to point) as is the one pictured above and longer length which is 17.5"-18.5" from point to point.

I've just finished a longer length froufrou in Fiddlesticks Zephyr which I'll photograph when there is enough light to do so, hopefully, tomorrow.