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Monday, January 10, 2011

Playing with Angelina

I'm still trying to catch up on some of the stuff I did during my blog break. Experimenting with angelina was one phase I went through.

Angelina greeting card.

A pink girly angelina postcard. I added some cut up novelty yarn and some feathers to the mix along with the angelina.

Bringing You Sunshine ATC. Some waste machine threads were sprinkled on top of the angelina and then some decorative stitching added.

Angelina reef postcard. Eyelash and ribbon yarns plus some hand-dyed lace motifs from Nicki Lee, some shell beads and a mother of pearl fish help to bring the angelina reef to life.

Snowflakes in Fusible Film. I added snowflake motifs to some of the angelina fusible film.

Monday, January 03, 2011

Seasonal Projects - Ornaments & Wrapping

Today we took the decorations down and the place seems kind of empty and far less jolly without them. I really enjoyed my decorations this year - much more than other years - and I think this was because, apart from my usual ornaments, tree, etc, I'd also amassed such a collection of handmade ones that I was able to make a whole display of them on this glittery branchy thing that I bought specifically for the purpose.

Included are ornaments that I've made over the past three years such as some of the dotee dolls (close ups here and here although the ones in the first link went to swapees last year) and some dorset button projects such as the elf, the turkey and the goth angel that I also made in 2009. A couple of the dotee dolls I acquired through a swap last year. This year, I got quite industrious and made the angel below which is my version of a crazy quilted flat doll angel based on this pattern (scroll down).

I also designed and made a Xmas gingerbread girl carrying a candy cane.

I cut some paper snowflakes.

And strung some of them together with beads at the end to hang at the window.

I made some paper stars

A German bell

Some paper baubles

Some fairy slippers

An angelina snowman

Some origami stars and snowflakes (pictured in one of my posts below)

An angel and a knitted lace snowflake for Xmas ornie swaps on MA.

I received a lovely felted star/snowflake in the same MA swap and that went on display with the other handmades.

I also folded origami angels

And last but not least I was a bit more creative with my gift wrapping this year by decorating plain brown paper bags.

I think, by now, you get the idea.

And now everything is up in the loft waiting for December again before it comes out of wraps and I miss it already.