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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Seasonal Projects - Cards

Over the last few weeks I've been busying myself with lots of seasonal projects. Today, I'm going to upload photos of some of the cards I've made.

I had a go at doing a couple of cards with distress inks, torn papers, etc, to try to make them appear vintage looking and these were the result.

Then I used one of the Tim Holtz masks against a background of cosmic shimmer mists and made this card.

Another one using some Xmas flowers I made.

I attended a workshop on distress inking with Lisa B and made this card.

Versacolour Wild Berries multicoloured ink pad was used to stamp an image which I thought resembled a snowflake for the one below. The papers I used are Tim Holtz Vintage Shabby.

An origami snowflake card.

A knitted lace snowflake card.

A shaker card with glittery flowersoft inside.
And a couple more.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010


Origami is my new interest. It started with me making some non-origami paper baubles and stars, etc, and I thought that playing with paper in that way was so much fun that maybe I'd enjoy origami. So I tried some simple stars and a more complicated snowflake which was designed by Dennis Walker and I'm hooked.

One of the stars is made from ordinary everyday copy paper, then sprayed with gold cosmic shimmer and the other is made from white origami paper. I found the snowflakes a bit challenging for a complete beginner so they're not perfect. One is made from copy paper and the other from tracing paper which, due to its transparency allowing the different layers to be visible, is meant to give it a translucent quality. I now have origami books and paper on my Xmas wish list so we'll have to see what Santa brings.

Funny how closely related events sometimes occur simultaneously in such a way as to appear to be much more than could be explained by mere coincidence. I think Jung referred to this as synchronicity. Just around the time my interest in origami developed, I opened the Times magazine and saw this.

It's an advert for wrapping paper and the origami was done by Rea Kim. I'd love to know the name of the model used for this and where I can find the instructions.

Monday, December 06, 2010


Time to resurrect this blog methinks.

Life happened and I didn't have time to keep up but, as the initial intention of starting this blog was to more or less keep a record of my creations, it would seem a pity not to continue. So, here goes. In the next few days, I'm going to try to get up-to-date mainly with pics so that it won't seem too daunting a task! I've been branching out quite a bit into crafts other than knitting but, given the title of this blog, I will start with what I've knitted since I last updated which isn't a lot.

Firstly, I got really interested in the lace knitting of Herbert Niebling and had a go at this Nieblingesque project. Here's a close up of the detail.

It's the Niebling Inspired Bag and still needs to have the drawstrings and lining added.

Then I moved on to Niebling's Frosted Ferns.

And, presently, I have Niebling's Campanile on the needles and it's not far off complete. Othet than Niebling projects, I knitted Coquille.

I have a smaller version in another colourway on the needles.

That's it with regards to knitting. Most of the crafting I seem to be doing these days involves crafting with paper. Currently, I'm making a lot of holiday decorations. I'll add some more projects that I've completed tomorrow.