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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Charity Knitting

The trouble with not blogging regularly is that, when you finally do get around to it, you have so much to blog about, it seems a bit intimidating! So, I'm going to let the pics do most of the talking. As usual, click on any of the pics to see more detail.

There has been a fair bit of charity knitting going on lately. The Monthly Adventurers at Ravelry elect a different charity every month to which members can contribute if they wish. In November, I had mentioned that I was knitting for a charity event in our village hall at which I had a stand in support of carers of people with Alzheimer's and, consequently, this became the cause of the month. As a lot of the members are in the US, it didn't leave a lot of time for the knitting of large projects, so I suggested that the knitting should be of Korknissar or cork elves which make lovely Xmas decorations. Now, if you don't know of the Monthly Adventurers, you won't know that not only are they a very generous and talented bunch of people but they also have very fertile imaginations and are not afraid to use a bit of poetic licence when the occasion calls. This was the result!

Apart from the rank and file elves, the final assemblage included a bride and groom, spies with wobbly eyes, pirates, Santas, baby elvinos, glitzy types, and blonde korkettes! They went down a treat on the day as you can see from the pics below which are not the best due to bad lighting.

Check out my display stand with the Christening Shawl pinned to it? I'm really chuffed with this! I'd seen Sue's version (scroll down) and, after her very kindly blogging about how she did it (scroll down again), DH made a similar one. Thanks, Sue! Neat, isn't it!

The christening shawl was for display only as I couldn't bear to part with it but it generated lots of interest and, as a few of us are thinking of getting a craft group up and running in our village, that's a good thing.

Apart from the above, I've almost finished my second Snow Forest Yuletide Table Runner.

I made a Fishtail Hat from the 2008 Knitting Pattern a Day Calendar for the Ravelry' Caps for Connor group.

I knitted an Ice Queen for the charity morning which was snapped up. Thanks to Rosemary, the designer, for allowing me to sell this at the event.

And I've been making some of Norah's Snowflakes except I'm using a much finer yarn than the recommended Berroco Pure Merino and I added some Swarovski crystals to this one.

The yarn I'm using is Twilleys Southern Comfort which is a count 10 crochet cotton. This means that they come out at 5" across which is a nice size for tree hanging. I couldn't get any fabric stiffener spray locally so I've been using a mixture of 50/50 white glue and water to stiffen them and it's working well.

Next month's Monthly Adventurers' good cause is hats for preemies.

So, some of these, which were knitted by my dear MIL, will be winging their way over to the US!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Test Knitter Wanted

I've been really busy of late doing mostly charity stuff. I've got lots to tell and some photos to show but, for now, I need a test knitter. Is anyone interested? It needs to be someone who is a fast, experienced knitter and who is not afraid of nupps. Any takers please click on 'View my complete profile' in the sidebar. You will then find a link to contact me via email. Thanks!

ETA - Hooray! I'm happy to say I now have my test knitter! :-)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Snow Forest Now Available!

Snow Forest (see post below) is now available here at Ravelry or here at Etsy.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Snow Forest

Imagine you're walking through the forest and, in the distance, you can hear the bells of Yuletide ringing out to celebrate the season.

Pealing Bells Lace

Bell Edging

The chevron shapes of the conifers all around you are blanketed in a pure white cloak of snow as you make your way towards the clearing where you know a warm welcome awaits you in the homely looking log cabin that now comes into view.

Christmas Chevron

Snow Forest

The night is still and there are stars to light your way as well as a lighted window in the cabin as you approach.

The Star

Little flurries of snowflakes are all around and you remember how, as a small child, you would dance in the snow and try to capture just one snowflake thinking that you would be able to see more closely what it looked like only to find it melted to nothing more than water in your small warm hands. Nevertheless, you still marvel at the seasons and the snowflakes have never lost their magic for you.

The Star & Beaded & Sequinned Snowflakes

Beaded & Sequinned Snowflakes

You now enter the cabin and take off your coat and boots before going into the room from which you have seen the welcoming candlelight at the window. You know that in that room will be the people that you love and that they have been awaiting your arrival eagerly. What a sight greets you when you open the door! The table is set for Yule, there is mulled wine and mince pies and a log fire blazing in the hearth. You are home . . .

Snow Forest is a knitted lace Yuletide Table Runner and Napkin Rings set embellished with beaded and sequinned snowflakes that are knitted in. It has been specially designed for the Winter Solstice with traditional stitches and motifs relating to Yule. Watch out for the pattern in the next day or two when I will be making it available as a Ravelry and Etsy download. Although it is a lace and beaded/sequinned project, there should still be time to knit it before the holidays. It's a relatively quick knit as it's knitted in Twilley's No 5 Lyscordet Crochet Cotton which is equivalent to 3ply.

I made the set in the photos for sale at a charity event I'm involved in at the moment in aid of carers of people with Alzheimers. I will be deciding which of my lace I can part with for sale and making as much as I can before the big day.

As usual click on any of the photos to see more detail!