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Monday, May 17, 2010

Sorted and Learning to Tat

Thank you friends for your kind comments. The thing that needed sorting has now been sorted thankfully.

Now, turning to arts and crafts, do you ever think that you'd like to learn something one day but that day never seems to come? I've had a long list of such arts and crafts for quite some time but, lately, have been trying to tick a few off. It's about the fact that, unless you believe in reincarnation and, even if you do, there's no proof that it actually exists, we have a limited time within which to do and achieve all that we would like. So, having a list and not ticking them off suddenly seemed the wrong thing and I determined to try at least a few. This is the reason why you've seen only a limited amount of knitting on this blog lately.

I do have several knitting projects which are almost finished, two need grafting and one needs the provisionsl cast on removed and grafting and, as I currently appear to be averse to grafting, they continue, for the moment, to be placed at the back of the queue.

As some of you may know, I have an interest in learning crazy quilting but have very little experience in any of the skills that go towards making a CQ. Nevertheless, I have started with a few small projects and learned a few embroidery stitches and a few weeks ago started to learn tatting as tatted motifs are great for adding to CQ blocks. Here is my second motif.

It's from a free pattern for a baby card which you can find here.

This is worked in Floretta 20 thread which I couldn't work with in the beginning. Starting with thicker thread and moving onto thinner definitely helped. I wasn't really sure, as a beginner, from the pattern instructions how to do the hearts on the outside so I'm hoping I did them right.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Pink Lady

I like the idea of the beautiful lady CQ fabric postcards so much I decided to do a series of them. Here's number two in the series, the Pink Lady!

Every time I think of Pink Lady I remember a drink called Pink Lady that used to be around quite a few years ago a bit along the lines of Babycham style but pink.

My blog posts are very brief at the moment as, along with the other little problems to solve that life inevitably brings, there is one that we are trying to sort which is taking up a huge amount of time. So, for now, back to the drawing board on that one. See you later!

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Blogiversary Giveaway

There is a wonderful Blogiversary Giveaway at Ink Spiller's Attic. Check it out here.