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Thursday, September 08, 2011

Another Art Quilt and Drunken Scotch Leaves

Here is a pic of my second art quilt.

The purple and green fabrics are both hand painted. The central motif is a piece of fused angelina fibres. The heart in the centre of the angelina piece was made by using a stencil and embossing powder and then I made a sort of stitch sampler out of the whole piece by sewing all over it with decorative stitches and various threads on my sewing machine. Below is a photo of the angelina motif before it was added to the quilt.

I made this motif some time ago and just put it to one side as I didn't know what to do with it until now. After I'd added the central motif, I quilted around it following the design of the motif's shape. Then I beaded around and within the frame of the motif and also around the central heart to make it a focal point.

Afterwards, I added some bead embroidered motifs around the central piece and I changed these and repositioned some as I went to make it work better for me. From top left working clockwise they are bead embroidered motif, silver face charm beaded around, button with bead embroidery over the top of it, shisha mirror with curtain ring embroidered over with embroidery thread placed over the top and then the whole thing bead embroidered around, oya motif with silver sequin underneath, polymer clay heart face with bead embroidery around, another button with bead embroidery over the top of it, a dorset button that I made and then beaded which also has a heart rhinestone in the middle of it, a heart oya motif, a silver filigree charm that I have used the holes to bead embroider through and then I've bead embroidered around the whole shape.

After that, I added the bead embroidered fringe. The quilt is much more colourful and textural in real life and, although at first, I felt I had spent a lot of time on it and it didn't feel like it had turned out as well as I would have liked, it's beginning to grow on me. :-D

Today, I'm making autumn leaves using the Drunken Scotch technique. Here are the first four I've finished.

As they are made from grunge paper which can be stitched through, I may use them in another art quilt.